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Moversi App

A new lifestyle

Daily life requires constant movement.
Moversi is the easiest way to do it: simple, immediate, inexpensive.


Your safety is our priority!


Your car makes you money


Less traffic, less CO2 emissions


Meet new people!

What will your next car be?

Our next car Will be an app...

How does it work?

Enter your destination

Moversi intelligently connects the driver’s and passenger’s route together, allowing carpooling for part of the ride or a complete trip.

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Discover a new way to move


Empty seats in your car? What a waste!

With Moversi you carpool with others who need a ride along your route, making money along the way!

No reservations, No detours, Instant, Social.



Need a ride? It’s easy!

With Moversi, carpool with drivers on a similar route to get to where you want, when you want, with whoever you want.

No reservations, Instant, Flexible, Social.

Available on iPhone and all Android devices.


Features and Benefits of Moversi


Your safety is our priority!

  1. Prevention is the best medicine; this is our mantra. For the safety of all we will ask for your personal information when you register to ensure the identity and integrity of each user. Your ride will be completely safe and secure.
  2. Drivers and passengers are geolocated in real time to ensure safety. Individual users may share their location in real time with a trusted person.
  3. The “Help” button automatically sends an emergency request for assistance to preset numbers.


Your car makes you money

  1. Sharing your empty seats allows you to cut driving cost and save money.
  2. For passengers, cost of travel is 10 cents per km. No other means of transportation can beat our price.


Less traffic, less CO2 emissions!

  1. Carpooling drastically reduces the number of cars on the road which helps reduce CO2 emissions, emissions which have a significant impact on climate change and your health.


Meet new people!

  1. Carpooling can help build new friendships, it’s a great way to socialize, meet new people, find new friends, and enjoy each other’s company.